ASAP - Send Letter Opposing SCMAGLEV

UPDATE Mar 6: Fixed 4 addressees in all 4 example letters below

Please  consider sending a letter opposing the Super Conducting Magnetic Levitation train project (SCMAGLEV). 

Even if you have sent comments before, please send additional comments now, as the SCMAGLEV Project is now studying which of the two remaining routes (J-1-West or J-1-East) to propose to MTA for final route selection. Read the example opposition letters for details. 

Please download the example letter (Comment for Record) at these links
You can edit the Word documents to express your own views.

If you email your letter, a signature is not needed.
Just write, or copy/paste and edit your comments as an attachment or into the body of your email, including your name and address.

And then email your letter to all (*) the addressees in the letter: 
  • to government decision makers, 
  • and also to our local elected officials who are supporting us in opposing SCMAGLEV
If you print and mail your letter, be sure to sign it.

Addresses are in the letter.

(*) Be sure to send your letter at least to MTA, because they keep, study, and publish all Comments of Record for the SCMAGLEV Project.

c/o Suhair Al Khatib - Deputy Administrator
Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)
6 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Please pass on this easy to remember link to this web page

NB: To send more of your own comments in future (early & often), just copy/paste the TO: and CC: addressees in the above example letters. Please note, your elected officials may be different by district. See